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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just Sayin’

I have not been writing about the current political contest(s); it is just too depressing.  The Dumbney-Runon ticket will not get you in any show you want to see – or a ride to any place you might want to go.  And Obama-Biden, well what can be said that some combination of Glenn Greenwald, Paul Craig Roberts and Ralph Nader haven’t said?

There is something that comes to mind that I am not seeing being ‘beat to death’ in the mainstream or tributary media. It begins with a nagging feeling every time the Romney-Ryan mouth opens and what sounds like ‘stupid' spills out.

I know that lots of people are suggesting that the Republicans might steal the election with a multi-pronged strategy of voter suppression, overwhelming media buys and vote manipulation­ facilitated by control of electronic voting and vote counting machines. But just sayin’: what if it is absolutely the case that the corporate cabal knows with near certainty that the vote is in the bag – all that is needed is to muddy the political waters enough that some doubt can be called upon to establish plausible deniability.

Romney and Ryan seem to be openly positioning themselves to represent a minority of the people – this is not a good strategy in a real democracy.  They are either being badly advised or are preparing the people for policy positions once they are elected by the corporate machine.  It is much easier to defuse the anger and frustration of a disenfranchised people if they, one, are unsure of their disenfranchisement and, two, the “winners” do the things that they said they were going to do no matter how confused it might have sounded the first time around.

Corporate middle managers know that the higher ups are going to lie to them for gain in wealth and control – they, of course, do the same thing to those under them on the corporate ladder.  The American people must be brought along to this reality as a way of life.  And who better to do that than the Romney-Ryan team; two men with apparently no moral compass of any kind.  Ryan even lies about his running times and mountain climbing accomplishments.

There is still a “regrettably” strong streak of honesty in the population – at least the desire for honesty when being told about life controlling issues.  But, it is rapidly being chipped away at by the political, corporate and media classes (these have really become one).

While there are other explanations for the remarkable Romney-Ryan apparent tone-deafness; that they are confident of being elected and are therefore preparing us for the methods and positions by which they will govern is a truly frightening one.

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