A companion blog, The Metacognition Project, has been created to focus specifically on metacognition and related consciousness processes. Newest essay on TMP: Goals and Problems, part two

Table of Contents


Section One: On the Meaning and Uses of Economics

Economics vs. Ecology
Taking Without Compensation
Sanitizing Economic Exploitation
Unprotecting Middle Class Wealth
The Real Economy vs. The What-if Economy
Human Need and the Economy
Financial Derivatives
Explaining Job Creation
Making Sense of Work, Part one of five parts
Making Sense of Work, Part Two, The Issues:
Making Sense of Work, Part Three, Consequences
Making Sense of Work, Part Four, Prognosis 
Making Sense of Work, Part Five, Epilogue
The Welfare State

Section Two: What is Property?

The Meaning of Property
Private property and Wealth
On Property, A Prologue
On Property, The Language
On Property, The Biology
On Property, The Religion
On Property, Its True Nature
More on Property and Ownership
The Idea of Property, Further Studies

Section Three: The Issue of Wealth

The Entitlement of Wealth and the Ecological Consequences
The Tragedy of Wealth and Power
Wealth is the Ultimate Crime
The Wealth Wars
What Is The Best Way To Live?
How Much is Too Much?
Two Plus Two Does Equal Four
The Madness of Wealth
Proposing a Maximum Income
How Should We Prepare For Emergencies?
The future of Poverty (five parts)
The Final Choice

Section Four: The End of Economic Growth

Economic Growth Must End
Economic Growth Must End, Not Be Reinvigorated
Economic Growth Must End, More!
The Coming Economic Contraction
What Would a No-growth Economy Look Like?
No-growth Economy, Part Two
No-growth Economy, part three
Invention and progress
There Just Isn’t Enough Productive Capacity

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