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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Simple Question

The human species is faced with this choice: Will the species have as its basis the biology of its origin or will its Consciousness System of Order adaptation and the collective designs of, primarily, economic systems determine ultimate and actionable importance?[1]  Will the living state be secondary or even tertiary to the movement of abstract tokens of what is called wealth? 

Clearly, humans are in surplus and thus diminished in value both economically and biologically.  This fact distorts the essential question since a major aspect of the living condition is the functioning in integration with ecological designs and adapting to those designs as they change.  Our vast numbers and vast power can give us the impression that we are no longer a part of the biophysical structures of this planet. 

The detail of the events that impact our lives daily must be seen in the light of these questions: Do we do a bank bailout?  But first, is our priority living things or corporate structure?  How do we fix education? But first, is our goal a fully functioning member of the human species or a worker for a massive collective activity to remove material from the ground?  Should torturers be punished? But first, do we want a community and society that values all life or one that arbitrarily rejects some living things as unworthy or uninteresting.  Should the tax system be redesigned? But first, is the human place in the world to be owned by a few humans parasitizing and trivializing the multitude or by the multitude operating at the functional level of a diminishing carrying capacity?  How should we deal with population and consumption? But first, is it possible to value the true eternal verities of our species’ interests or are we, as the multitude, only able to respond to material and technological objects. 

No one is going to like all of the answers, but we will like even less the consequences of failing to honestly ask the questions. 

[1] the failure to realize the primacy of the living biology will not be received with any humor by environmental stabilities of biophysical systems. 

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