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Monday, January 9, 2012

3 Essays About The Truth

Here are 3 essays written simultaneously, literally side by side on a screen array.  It is my intention that they be read in order since reading them simultaneously is impractical; though I tend to think of them as a visual triptych which can be seen all at once, the various parts forming patterns of multiple relationships.

I read so many news reports and opinion pieces that treat the world-that-is as if there is no other, has been no other; as if the thoughts in the writer’s head are the “Thoughts of Man.”  It has never been true that the problems realized are necessarily the problems to be solved – the first ‘problem’ is always to recognize the real concerns.

I do not, cannot, claim to have cracked the nut of truth on these matters, but I do claim that these and other essays on this blog model the method reasonably well.

The essays are 1) “Corporations Are Collective Entities, My Friend”, 2) The Real Economy v. The What-if Economy and 3) The Natural History of Human Change

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