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Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Entreaty

As I have been attempting to follow my own advice, to take actions that reaffirm specieshood, as well as to work diligently on a project too long postponed, there has been a constant sense of need (purely the product of an unwarranted hubris) to “write to the world at large.”  But when I examine what it is that I want to say, it is clear to me that I have already said it.  And so, I have made up a list of 7 essays that singly and in unison scream out what seems to me to be essential understandings.

These 40 pages (at a standard of 300 words per page) comprise the kernel of my thought on the species and our dilemmas; and the minimal, and inadequate, solutions that I see as possible.  I see glimmers of these ideas and in some cases quite bright shinings of them sprinkled around the universe of human communication – and am heartened, and burden eased – but they must be more relentlessly and widely propounded.  We must change the Story that we are telling ourselves and it must begin to come more and more from Reality.

I have no illusions about the importance or potential impact of these words; they are like the drops of water on the basalt and andesite lava flows of my beloved volcanic hills.  Much of the time, the exposed flows from 2 million or 3 million years ago still have the ropy and plastic shapes on their surface frozen into them at the moment they cooled beyond moving.  But there are also those places where the drops of water have been consistent enough, organized by gravity and the lay of the land, that the lava has been cut through and shaped anew.

I am suggesting the order given, but there was no intentional order in their creation.

7) What is Science? ~ 8 pages

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