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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jesus H. Christ!

Jesus Hussein Christ! (I have to assume that is what the ‘H’ stood for in my youthful expression of frustration.)  People are arguing about whether criminal members of the Bush administration should be investigated, charged and put on trial. 

JHC! People are arguing about whether Israel is justified in attacking Gaza.  There are questions about this being an honest defense and not a politically motivated terrorist attack on a civilian population already under economic attack.

JHC! People are wondering and worrying over whether Obama’s will be a different kind of presidency. Anyone hear of the rule that policy, regardless of the statement of it, is determined by the person implementing it?  Larry Summers, Robert Gates anyone? 

JHC! There are questions about whether to close Guantanamo and what to do with the 95% of the men and boys sold into perpetual detention there. 

JHC! There are people talking about “winning” in Afghanistan and sending more troops, like this a regular old war with armies and targets and stuff to destroy. 

JHC! Pakistan!

JHC! Iran is trying to get weapons.  Well, who the hell isn’t?And who do they have to fear? Anyone remember Mosaddeq? 

JHC! People are actually debating whether “executive compensation” (nay, thievery) is excessive.  What is the right amount to steal? 

JHC! There is an argument that “Bush kept us safe from Terrorism.”  The fact is that I kept the whole earth safe from alien invasions, but I can't tell you about the details because then the aliens would know how I did it and we would all be doomed.

JHC! People are arguing over whether there is a power elite in this country like it was a real question.

JHC! William Kristol!  His derangement begins at the beginning and just goes all the way through.  And I fear that this may be true of Christopher Hitchens too. 

JHC! The economic commentators are just realizing that the bank bailout was a robbery.


It is just not that difficult to pay attention.  We have a number of folk sayings and stories involving naked kings and ducks to remind us.


Michael Dawson said...

And how about that one guy who wandered around talking about selling one's possessions and the odds of walking through needle-eyes? You know, that guy 90 percent of our citizenry claim to worship?

James Keye said...

JHC! Jesus Christ!

Michael Dawson said...

As Woody Allen once said, if he came back now, JHC would never stop vomiting.

Hallelujah and amen!